Raised in Ocala, FL we found ourselves drawn to one another at the early age of 11. We hit it off right away, and grew to be great friends learning from one another over the years about various things in life. Flash forward 20 years and here we are taking control of a love we have had for crafting and making dreams realities, as they say.

Both of us are on different platforms when it comes to crafts, and we both always strive to learn something new, that’s what makes our partnership so blessed. Pamela started with scrap booking, because of her love for photography and wanting to capture those memories. Elizabeth started with various creations, like making pot holders, and working with beads, and her favorite, making various tye dyed items.

We both bring a new aspect of crafts to the table, and we are forever challenging ourselves to learn a new technique or perfect an old one. At this stage in our lives, where we are still working to be who we want to be, it’s nice to have an outlet like crafting, that we can enjoy together. We are your everyday wives, daughters, sisters, and friends like most, except we have this unbreakable passion for what we love, plus we have come along way from tye dye, and scrapbooks, so stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy reading about our various adventures as we conquer the craft business world together. Thanks for being here, your greatly appreciatedā™„